Alcohol addiction – the alternative to treatment in the UK

Alcohol addiction can cause numerous health problems, but as a nation, we are drinking more than ever. Although alcohol consumption is ingrained in our culture and part of most Britons’ everyday lives, many people don’t realise that it is highly toxic and consumption at higher than recommended amounts, causes long term damage to the body. It is reported that for each drink, the alcohol will kill off a few brain cells, but this is the least of a person’s worries if they are a regular drinker. Liver disease is frequent in those suffering from alcoholism, and so the sooner a person seeks help, or reduces their alcohol consumption, the better their long term outlook is.

Treatment for alcoholism is available in the UK, but it can be difficult to get it on the NHS as funds are limited and there is usually a long waiting list. One option is to pay for private treatment in the UK at rehab centres such as The Priory but this can potentially be very expensive; in some cases costing thousands of pounds per week. An affordable alternative is to travel abroad for treatment, to places such as The Far East, where expert care and luxurious accommodation is available at a fraction of the cost of those in Britain. Aside from the cost savings, another major benefit of rehab centres in these destinations is the fact that those going through the rehab process are totally removed from their normal environment. They no longer have the stress of their everyday lives and environments to remind them of their addiction to alcohol.

Going through alcohol withdrawal is a difficult and demanding time for an individual. Being in a relaxing environment to which they are not accustomed, away from undesirable influences, can be a great help.

Seasons Bali is an affordable alternative to treatment centres for alcoholism (alcohol addiction) in the UK. As well as the favourable cost benefits there are other advantages, one of which is being treated by members of staff who are recovered addicts themselves. Another benefit is the fact that they have no more than 12 clients attending the centre at any one time, ensuring one to one treatment and the highest standards of care.
Thanks to the popularity of Bali, there are numerous scheduled flights from the UK and Europe, and airfares are competitive. Once at the rehab centre, clients are treated with the utmost respect, and expert help is available 24/7. The climate and beautiful tropical surroundings at Seasons Bali, together with the 12 step program and the expertise of the highly experienced staff, result in a high level of recovery for our clients.

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