Addiction Treatment Centre for Substance Abuse in Bali, Indonesia | Seasons Bali

Bali rehab programme for those suffering from addictionsOur Bali rehab programme is a cost-effective residential recovery programme which provides a range of specialist treatment services for alcohol and drug addiction.

You can choose to stay with us for just 28 days, but it’s also possible to select a 60 or 90-day programme, which maximises your chances of recovery . Individual counselling, group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques are supported by educational seminars, a wellness programme and recreational activities. Staff are on hand to offer support 24 hours a day. Seasons Bali’s rehab approach is multi-disciplinary, which allows for plenty of personal time, as well as the opportunity to look after any business or personal matters.

We often recommend a week-long family programme too, as evidence suggests that it can be helpful to both the recovering addict and those closest to them. Family members learn how to deal with the alcoholic or addict and become part of an extended team with our experienced staff.

You can find out more details by talking to our specialist facilitator, Brian Burgess. He represents the Seasons Bali rehab programme in the UK and Europe and is able to answer your questions from the perspective of someone who has not only studied addiction, but also experienced it himself in the past.


Drug Rehab Bali

If you’re dependent on drugs, we can provide a structured and positive environment for recovery. From cocaine addiction through to other kinds of substance abuse, our experts can help you to break your habit.
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Alcohol Rehab Bali

We help people learn how to stop drinking and stay sober. While organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous play an important and positive role, evidence shows that a focused period of rehab is often vital.
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