Alcohol Rehab in Bali, Indonesia

Alcohol is so much a part of many societies that problems can go unnoticed and untreated for long periods. But alcohol is a drug. Once you know that you are suffering from dependence, however, it’s important to get support at the earliest possible opportunity.

You may have spotted signs that you have an issue. A feeling that you’re no longer in control of your life, perhaps, or that you really need a drink in order to relax. Perhaps you’re finding yourself in undesirable relationships and your family and friends are suggesting you may have a problem with alcohol?

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Although you may only think of alcoholism treatment as an opportunity to stop drinking, it’s actually the start of a much longer period of recovery. There are no easy fixes. The real challenge is to stay sober in the longer term and work through your alcohol withdrawal symptoms effectively.

With these principles in mind, we offer individual care and personalised plans for alcohol rehab treatment, as well as a truly nurturing environment in which to recover.

The Seasons Bali alcohol rehab programme is delivered by experts and based on research evidence. And because our centre near Seminyak is an environment far removed from your everyday life, it’s easier to work alongside our practitioners and focus on the change that is so essential in recovery. Alcoholism treatment in Bali is often more affordable than in the UK & that’s including airfares.

How To Contact Seasons Bali Alcohol Rehab

The first step is to talk to our representative, Brian Burgess, who represents Seasons Bali in the UK and Europe. As someone who has recovered from addiction himself, he knows exactly the issues you face and is in an excellent position to assess whether you’d benefit from the Seasons Bali alcohol rehab programme on offer at the centre.

If you or someone you know needs help with alcohol addiction, or is considering alcoholism treatment, call Brian now on 020 8720 6521 for a free, no obligation consultation.