Residential Treatment for Drugs & Alcohol

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction are serious health issues that affect millions of people. At Seasons Bali, we specialise in treating drug and alcohol addiction and are here to help patients overcome problems that it can be nearly impossible to tackle alone.

In-Patient Treatments

In-Patient Addiction Treatment

We know that the thought of undergoing treatment for an addiction can be a stressful one. That’s why at Seasons Bali we aim to create a relaxing experience in luxury surroundings to ensure that clients’ treatment is both effective and stimulating. Leisure and recreation are important to us.

Sightseeing, surfing, trips to the beach, and a round of golf, are all things that can be arranged as part of our in-patient addiction treatment.

In-Patient Alcohol Treatment

Our in-patient alcohol treatment includes alcohol detox as a part of our world class residential alcohol addiction program. Our doctors and clinical staff are all highly trained and very experienced in helping clients during their alcohol detox. Their specialist medical knowledge makes the experience as comfortable and as safe as possible.

In-Patient Drug Treatment

Our in-patient drug treatment covers all types of drugs and our Western trained medical staff will conduct a comprehensive medical examination and assessment when a client arrives, in order to determine the correct drug detox for each client. During the detox, patients are constantly monitored to ensure that the different symptoms of withdrawal are well managed.

After Detox

After the detox period is over, clients are better able to focus on the other aspects of the treatment we offer at Seasons Bali. One on one counselling, relapse prevention work, exercise, massage, yoga, art therapy, and daily outings, are all part of the treatment we use to come to terms with and solve the underlying causes of alcoholism and drug addiction.

How Long Should I Stay?

In order to get the most effective treatment at Seasons Bali, we recommend a stay of 90 days for a primary treatment. This is advised for both drug and alcohol rehab. However, we do also offer 28 day and 60 day programs to suit clients.

Take The First Steps Towards Recovery…

Give our friendly staff a call today and we’ll do everything we can to start helping you immediately. You’ll then receive a no obligation consultation with one of our fantastic addiction specialists, who will take you through the treatments we offer here. You can contact us by calling 020 8720 6521 (24 hours a day).